Cloud Adoption Readiness helps you build plans for cloud adoption and migrations. This online assessment will provide you with your current cloud readiness across key pillars such as, business, people, process, platform, operations, and security. This assessment will help you plan and communicate with stakeholders about what to expect and how to lead the journey to cloud.


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Business Rationale

Has your company identified a specific business reason for moving to the cloud? 

Business Case

Has your company developed a business case for moving to the cloud, and if so, is your business case based on multiple, credible and quality sources? 

Executive Sponsorship

Has your organization assigned a manager or executive to be responsible for your cloud adoption efforts (single threaded leader). This person overseas a dedicated cloud team (Cloud Center of Excellence) with assigned roles, timelines and resources for ado 


Does the IT organization engage regularly with their stakeholders to address service and governance issues? 

Change Management

Have you implemented an organizational change management and training plan for cloud adoption (This is a plan that helps you manage the impact of business, structural, and cultural changes caused by cloud adoption)? 

Application & Infrastructure Portfolio Management

Is there a system or mechanism to track inventory and manage your portfolio of applications and infrastructure (e.g. a configuration management database)? 

Agile Frameworks

Does the organization have at least 12-months of project delivery experience with Agile Frameworks (e.g. SCRUM)? 

DevOps Planning

Has the organization established a DevOps practice, or does it plan to deliver and manage cloud based services? 

AWS Cloud Account Planning

Have you architected, planned or created a baseline AWS account structure (how will you manage your AWS accounts) and control environments (networking, IAM, etc) that support your core business, security and compliance needs (e.g. AWS Landing Zone)? 

Operations & Responsibilities Alignment

Has your organization decided who will own operations of cloud based applications and systems (e.g. operational models for deployments and updates)? 

Future Cloud Operations

Has the future state operating model for cloud been defined? 

Continuity Planning

Has the organization communicated a plan to address business continuity or disaster recovery in the cloud? 

Operational Cloud Security

Does the organization have a strong understanding of operating securely in the cloud? 

AWS Experience

Is anyone in the organization certified by AWS and/or considered an expert or authority on cloud security? 

Documented Security Policies

Does the organization have a documented cloud security plan or methodology? 

Security Leadership Commitment To Cloud Adoption Strategy

Does the organization’s leadership for IT Security approve of and participates in creating the cloud adoption strategy or planning sessions?